Kitsch....(noun)..tawdry or sentimental art (from German).

A sentimental frame of mind led me to create a cottage kitchen, inspired by the kitchen roombox that belonged to my mother.
My project was a little old fashioned cottage hearth kitchen.
I built the roombox from scratch, using birch plywood.

The cabinet and wall shelf are made from hutches from Michael's crafts.

I also designed and made the furniture. The window has faux glass, made with liquid laminate. I painted a little scene and glazed it with the laminate. It reflects light like glass, and has a little waviness, like old glass does.

The fireplace and chimney wall were made using paper egg cartons and drywall compound, also knows as plaster or stucco.

Visit the New England Miniatures blog to read a step by step description of how I built the roombox.
Kitschy Kitchen, part 1